Okay, why is it that in a country as supposedly “culturally polite” as Japan is supposed to be, when teen to twenty-something girls get on a fricking plane, they forget the simple niceties of “sumimasen” or even the common courtesy of just keeping their shit under control.  I swear, after I got seated on JO 074 to come back to HNL from NRT on Monday, I got smacked in the arm or head by at least 5 handbags and 2 shopping bags without a single apology.  WTF?!  Where the heck were you all when they called for the ghetto seats “row 50 and higher”?  You rush the gate like lemmings when they call for pre-boarding of the executive club members, and parents with little kids. 

And what on earth are you doing buying shit from the duty-free store before you go to Hawaii anyway?  I can see on your way home, but going?  Are you going to use that new Coach handbag, Chanel whatever, or whatever booze in Hawaii?

Dammit!  Get away from me… even if you are fricking cute!  …and have CT… and VPL… and exposed midriff…   and just smell really nice…

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