Saint Louis Spoogefest


What, I didn’t get enough monkey butt from riding the marathon escort on Sunday? dscf0699.JPGI guess not, and despite the soaking I got on that ride, Ckucky, Chris and I decide to ride St. Louis tonight. The whole day had been sunny, there’s a chance it might be ok. Yeah. Well, it might be a little spoogy, but that’ll be ok. Uh huh. But Chris has some free time, so we got to take advantage.

Chris decided to try out the wife’s truck. I got stuck late at work, so it was late by the time we headed up the hill. Nice night. Being balast in the bed of truck is okay except for trying to keep from sliding around. dscf0702.JPGIt’s seriously night when we get to the park. To sum things up, it was a mucky spoogefest. We stuck to the high trails. Down the mainline to the power pole was fine, if starting to get a little panko as we got to the pole. We were greeted by some new signage. Didn’t know what to make of it, but it seems aimed more toward the squatters who live up here in the woods. The grass on the upper ridge was already growing in. Coming to the rocky drops, we all got off and walked. There were trickles of water flowing down the rocky faces. Dammit, I pedal scraped the back of my leg. I hope I don’t pick up any nasty germs in this spooge! We connect into the burned out area and find the trail now has quite a few spoogy spots and we skitter out onto the concrete. Whoa, muddy tires and metal manhole cover and concrete don’t mix! We decide not to take the customary concrete road break and head out. The trail out here is worse. The stream areas are still flowing, although they seem to have weathered the rains well. But it’s seriously spoogy now. Getting seriously bogged and have to push bike through a sections.

dscf0703.JPGdscf0704.JPGWe head it back to McB and try to find grassy and gravely spots to ride through in effort to clean off the much. It’s no good, gravel just sticks into the stinky adobe and provides agragate. I swear we spent more time in the back parking lot scraping mud than riding! Dinner was St. Lois Drive-Inn. Couldn’t resist the KCCN Bento with it’s spicy fried chicken.

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