Semi-Homeless Boarding

Man, all my Snowboarding outerwear is trashed – especially my jackets.  My newest jacket is suffering from dandruff – the semi-permeable laminate on certain colored panels is flaking off.  Still looks nice and new on the outside, but when I take it off I’ll be covered in white flakes.  I ran it through the dryer inside-out on “air only” a few times to try and shake as much out through the inner mesh liner, so hopefully it won’t be too bad.  My “Captain America” jacket has a hole at a seam where the stitching has gone away and the taping and laminate is failing.  I stitched up the hole and put some Gore repair tape on the inside, so it should last until the end of this season. 

My green Ronin pants are all fuzzy and have self-adhesive Gore-Tex patches on the ass where the wear is the greatest.  They are still sound and the membranes are good, but they look worn-out.  Only my old blue Sessions Summit pants are in decent condition, although the crotch has been repaired and the hem is about an inch shorter than it was when it was new.  The heel area of the hem got frayed from dragging on the ground, but thanks to Ckucke’s mom, they are as good as new, if not better – the original inseam length made them like Edo-jidai magistrate pants!

I really need some new outerwear…  I like the Volcom Gore-Tex 3L stuff, but the jacket is like >$500, and the pants are >$300!  WTF!  Maybe if there is some super-sale at Showcase or something I’ll at least get the jacket.  Pretty much everywhere is already sold out of this season’s stuff online.

Oh yeah, and my G30 Wisdom goggle lens is all F-ed up on the inside.  I ordered another one, but it is probably a few weeks away.  I’ll put in the backup VR28 lens, but I hope the new G30 arrives in time for Hokkaido in February.

Oh yeah, and my helmet is probably overdue for replacement…

Oh yeah, and my gloves look like zombie-flesh…


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