Most Advantageous

Okay, I found it.  The Indian restaurant in Sapporo run by Indian nationals!  They have a tandoor!  They make mango lassis!  Taj Mahal on the B1 level of Sapporo Factory mall, on the Northeast side.  I even got to order in English!  We ordered samosas, lamb biriyani, and chicken tikka masala.  It was all very good.  The nan that came with the chicken was enormous and slathered in melted butter.  The lassis and samosas were around $5 each, and the entrees were around $10 each, so the total was around $35 or so for two.  The entrees included the rice or nan, so those didn’t have to be ordered ala carte.  They had chana masala – I was torn between that and the chicken.  I’ll just have to go back!

Highly recommended

Four out of four grinning monkeys

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