Progression Regression

Monday morning and throughout the day has been drizzling in the mountains, with rainclouds rolling in late in the day. The Saint Louis evening DH has been called off and instead the decision is made to hit the Koko Head dirt jumps. Rolling into the parking lot at a quarter to six, it’s still full sun and the lot has quite a few cars, but the track is deserted. All hikers doing the Koko Head tram trail. I had hoped the spotty past rains might have dampened the track a little, no such luck. It was bone dry except for one spot on the backside step-up where someone had watered the jump.

Having the jumps all to ourselves, we had the luxury of riding at whatever pace. Sometimes just sitting at the top of the run-up jaw jacking. Or later as it cooled off and we got more into it, doing laps and hitting the jump continuously. Being with a crew helps progression too, it pushes you to move out of comfort zone a little and learn. This time around Scat got Ckucky and me to start breaking the urge to brake check just before hitting the face of the jump and instead monkey grip the bars with all fingers. It helped with smoothness , to get used to setting your speed early and just roll through the jump. It eventually started feeling pretty good!

With the last bits of light, we played on the backside berm. Yikes, I look like… I dunno how to describe it, but it doesn’t look pleasant. It was a good session, we head on over to Teddy’s Bigger Burgers for some grinds. As we load up on the carbs, fats, proteins and all that good stuff, Scat gets mesmerized by the old skool skateboard vids playing on the TV. Soon the conversation turns to everyone convincing Ckucky to go buy a board to learn how to skate. The counter workers must have been wondering who these old farts were trying to regress into teenagers or something.

more pics…

So stay tuned to see if we find yet more different ways to injure ourselves!

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