No Aloha for You!

I really hate when people take the “Drive with Aloha” thing to inappropriate levels. If you’re on the freeway and it’s gridlocked and someone is trying to merge in at an on-ramp, sure, show some Aloha and let ‘da bruddah’ or sistah’ in. It’s when people go out of their way to let you in and cause inconvenience to everyone else around them is where I draw the line. Yesterday I was making a right turn from a side street onto a divided highway, and there was a space coming up in traffic that I could pull into.

Easy, right?


As the space approached, I moved out into the merging flare and waited for the black Ford Ranger pickup to pass, so I could slide in behind it. I waited, and nothing passed. I slowed and turned to look further back, and the person had ground to a complete stop in a 45 MPH zone to let me in. WTF?! The person tried to wave me in, but I came to a complete stop. Eventually, the person started moving again, and luckily traffic hadn’t built up behind her (she had one of those chrome “girl noseriding a longboard” emblems on her tailgate), so I did manage to get behind her. She took what should have been a smooth, seamless merge and turned it into a stop for multiple vehicles! Thankfully there weren’t cars stacked up behind her. In actuality, this kind of behavior isn’t showing Aloha, it is showing lack of consideration for others! You aren’t helping if you are inconveniencing even more people in the process!

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