Skate Resurrection?

Back when Scat got all nostalgic agout skateboarding and peer-pressured Ckucke into getting a board, I picked up a new deck since my old one had been chewed on by the termites after being left outside after coming home from the Shaka, Nara show at the Contomporary Museum.  Weeks after the deck arrived, I finally got some Mob Grip tape on the recommendation of the sales dude at T&C Pearlridge – it does in fact have a rougher tooth than Black Magic, but it is more difficult to get on without ending up with creases.

The other day while searching for Volcom stickers for my snowboard, I finally ran across some Reflex bearings at HIC in AMC.  They had the regular ABEC3 ones, but also had the Rob Dyrdek signature ABEC7 ones for a little more.  I bought the better ones thinking that I could put those on the skateboard and take the old Black Panthers that are in there now and replace the rusty, squeaky PRC metal-shield bearings that are in my Da Kine rolly suitcase.  Of course, I forgot to bring the skateboard with me when I ran out of the house this morning… maybe I’ll put them in on Thursday…  It’s not like another few days will matter when the deck has been sitting around for months!

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