Fox Attack MTB Short

This is another Chainlove find. These shorts sell for $120 USD MSRP, a price that makes you think twice about getting a pair, but on closeout at less than $60 USD, they are within the reach of all but the poorest dirtbag. General appearance is very good, with durable nylon and mesh construction. The inseam length is nice and long. The center seam is welded – not stitched – both to provide a snag-free seat interface and to reduce discomfort by eliminating the thickness of a stitched seam. Mesh vents start on either side of the backside, and wrap around and down the front of the legs and back around the hemline. These provide more than adequate ventilation. There are two front slash pockets and two zippered pockets on the outer thighs, the one on the right being rather small because it is cut to accommodate the Fox head logo in the vent mesh. There are Velcro adjusters on either side toward the back that add tension to the waist elastic. Belt loops are also provided. The front closure is laced “board short” style with a half-length gusseted Velcro fly. The inner liner is made from a breathable stretch mesh with an integrated chamois. There are two loops at the side seams of the liner short that interface with two thin bias tape ribbons on the outer short that close with tiny plastic snaps.

I have ridden these twice since I got them. In general, the outer fabric is holding up well. There is no sign of premature wear on the parts of the outer short that see a lot of seat contact. There is however, a 6mm tear in the inner short at one of the chamois seams, probably due to the stitching being too close to the rough edge of the fabric. This doesn’t cause any functional deficit, but this is unacceptable on something that is supposed to retail for $120! The waist adjusters work well, and the general fit is good. My waist is around 88cm (34.6”), and the size 34 shorts fit fine with the adjusters tightened all the way. These will probably fit someone up to 91 cm (36”). The laced board short closure is lame. It is specifically called out on the product tag as a styling feature, but in practice, a simple snap would have been fine. They went to he trouble of making the center seam welded to reduce snagging, but added dangly laces? The lacing doesn’t do anything to make the short more adjustable. To make matters worse, unlike real board shorts, the lace isn’t tacked onto the short, so it will get lost in the wash unless you tie it beforehand. Personally, I don’t see the advantage of a detachable liner. Baggy MTB shorts with sewn-in liners are much easier to launder. Detachable shorts pretty much require you to separate the two pieces, otherwise they turn into a tangled mess in the washing machine. I never wear the outer without the inner, nor vice a versa. I just don’t see the point.

Made in the PRC

Three out of four techno monkeys


About $60 USD on closeout

2 Responses to “Fox Attack MTB Short”

  • I’ve really liked my shorts, I’ve found them to be very comfy while riding. Wearing them pre-ride is a different story, very much full diaper feeling. Once on the bike, that feeling goes away.

    I wouldn’t ride these shorts in cool climates, they breath pretty darned well. That twilight ride we did? I was wishing for my Oakley ballistic shorts.

    The outer short isn’t as durable as I’d like, the little mesh fox head and where the pocket seams are welded is starting to peel apart. I think I’ve got three or four pairs of these shorts, so needless to say I like them.

    Detachable penis versus not…I like the fact that liner comes out and you can swap them between multiple pairs of shorts. I can see that coming in handy when traveling perhaps.

    I’m a 32~33 waist and I like the 34. I tried the 32 some time ago and just felt small. Sounds like I have a fat ass, doesn’t it?

  • Never thought of “switching between shorts” – that’s a good point. If you have a blown out inner on one pair and a torn outer on another, you can still make a useable set.

    Every time I wear these, I think that maybe I could have gone one size down…

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