I am the Spam Magnet

You really don’t have to read this post…

Hello all, I was just going thru all the spam comments we get here on the blog, and I noticed that one of the criteria the spammers use is trying to add spam to a post that already has comments by legitimate users. Another criteria is they generally hit recent posts. This post will be like a magnet to them once I go and add a comment in a few seconds… If you have nothing better to do, add a comment below to make it more attractive to them. Once this becomes their prime target, all I have to do is look for the title in the spam quarantine and delete them all!

This is mostly a test for S & G.

10 Responses to “I am the Spam Magnet”

  • Wholly Chrome Batman! Those are some nasty acid-lactating nipples!

  • Seems like Root’s, “Cute as a Ninja,” post gets most of the spam hits, followed by, “MRP XCG Chainring Guard.”

  • Don’t you know, a diet high in surplus pork and meat is good for u!

  • WTF is up with those huge spam messages in my ninja post? Is it because the title has ninja in it?

    • Not sure what the criteria is that makes them fixate on those two particular posts. If it was the words “cute” or “ninja”, then it doesn’t really explain the ones on the MRP post.

  • …Yup – most of them were for the Ninja post again. They also like the Fox Flux Helmet one too. The only thing I can really see that those have in common is a fairly good queue of comments.

  • “Cute as a Ninja” still seems to be the one they are fixated on – 28 out of 30 spam when I checked just now. Guess this experiment is a wash!

  • Yup, them ninja just sneak in everywhere! Someones page must have a link to it from somewhere.

  • Must be search engine scraping. All those ninja linked from seem to be coming from a single HK site.

  • Hey! We caught one! I went and killed all the links though, so only nonsense text remains:

    nP9kLW kcdrwzhxnhst, gkehkiotftlt

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