It Lives II

The AE86 lives again! To sum up, couple weeks ago, decided I better get off my duff and get the AE86 Corolla running and safety checked. I had ordered a complete new set of shiny rotors and performance brake pads because although it had passed safety, the brakes have been scary weak from the moment I picked it up. So I got those changed out and feeling pretty good, when I discovered the water pump had sprung a leak. Ran into some difficulties with that in that the new replacement part was too tight a fit, but I eventually got that together. So I thought all was good. I rushed over to the 76 station by my house, to later be informed that the car did not pass. One high beam was out, the horn didn’t work, and they didn’t like the bubbling tint on the driver rear quarter. Somehow the headlight bulb decided to burn out, easy fix. Took a bit of time trouble shooting the horn. The steering wheel button seemed fine. Not being able to clone myself, I couldn’t hold the probe to the horn connector while I pressed the horn button. Instead I just ran over to the FX and stole the weak meep meep horn from it and plugged it in. Works no prob. So now I had to deal with the tint that I’ve been lazy about removing. Ugh, Nothing technically hard about it, just a pain and tedious. Sitting in rear deck, scraping the window with an Exacto and Windex. In this Kona wind weather. Glad I wasn’t doing this during the day. Yuck.
Anyway, this morning I took it back and was issued my safety. Yay. I can now drive it around on the streets legally. It still smokes, dribbles water out the exhaust, the transmission input bearing sounds like its shot as it howls away, and the output seal leaks. But its getting there, I think I’m willing to drive it around now.

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