Learn to Drive!

OK, I’m officially super annoyed at the neighbors on the T street from us. Having the second house tell me not to park directly across from their drive way because it makes it hard for them to back out and they might hit my car. Now who’s fault is it if they do? I’m parked in a perfectly legal spot on a public street, and it’s across from their house, not blocking their view to pull out into street. I park in the spot I do because other idiots don’t know how to drive and cut the corner then swing wide and cream parked FX’s there. I barely contained my urge to say “No, this is a public street, this is a perfectly legal parking spot, you shouldn’t be driving if you can’t back out of your driveway without hitting a parked car on the opposite side of the street, I’m parking here.” WTF! If I were really pissy, I’d get all the vehicles running, I’d park the FJ40 on their side of the street in the space between the two houses who complained to me (and Fabio), and then park the FX directly across the first driveway, and the AE86 directly across the second driveway. See how they like a seven foot tall box blocking their view, and then deal with their poor driving skill getting out of their driveways. Aaarg! Learn to drive, people! But no, I need to live with these neighbors.

Even more reason to get the FJ55 Pig out of the garage and the FX16 carcass out of the driveway so don’t have to park on the street. Which BTW, miracles of miraceles, guy is coming this week to start process of taking the FJ55 away.

P1010390OK, I can tell I’m annoyed, I cooked dinner & ate, had some sake, and I’m still annoyed enough that I went out & took a pic. Take a look at this. If you can’t get out of your driveway from house on left onto this street, something is wrong with you. When you are issued a driver’s liscence, that is supposed to certify that you have the basic skill and ability to operate an automobile safely and with competance on public road conditions. If you lack the skill and ability, you should not have said liscence.

6 Responses to “Learn to Drive!”

  • Neighbors or not, you still should have politely informed them that where you park your car is a perfectly legal and public parking space. That’s fucking ridiculous!

    Maybe what’s really going on is they are passive aggressively trying to tell you that your yard is becoming an eyesore in the neighborhood and you should get rid of some of those junkers! Ha!!!

  • I’m thankful we don’t have a nazi community association thing. No flag in your yard for you, WWII Medal of Honor veteran! And the other thing that gets me is that “I might hit your car” thing. Is that a threat? The snide response would be, “Go ahead, it’ll be your insurance that pays.” Problem is with my jalopies, parts are close to impossible to find and car ends up becoming a salvage title.

  • You’re driving down their vaunted Hawaii Kai property values, man! Make sure you watch the tires on whichever vehicle you park there for the infamous chalk marks. The next thing they’ll do is call HPD and say it’s an AV and have it towed. If the car isn’t moved in a 48-hour period, HPD will notify whatever C & C department to act. Sounds like they talked to the “other” neighbors if they’re saying the same “can’t back out” krapp.

  • Just clean your driveway up. Throw that stuff away!

  • I like how there are no other cars on the street except for that white car way down the block. The complainers are probably those women who drive SUV’s that are too big for them and refuse to turn the steering more than half-a-turn: You know the type – The ones that veer left into the oncoming lane before making a right turn. Remember when WDK asked if they could widen their subdivision curb flare because people kept hitting the curb because they were cutting the turn too early and not turning enough? Yeah, that’s the demographic. Got enough Hawaiian bracelets there? Maybe that’s why you can’t use the steering wheel correctly… or is it because you’re talking on your damn PTT with your chin, superspy?

  • That unnecessarily wide turn thing is one of my pet peaves too. Just had one this morning, person making left from Piikoi onto Young after Safeway. They didn’t even swing wide to the right encroaching into the straight through lane like many do, they were so lazy that they made the left turn from the straight lane. And it wasn’t like they forgot, since they signaled in advance. You aren’t driving a semi, people!

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