So much for that theory, the cough is now going nuts. No amount of of cacao is doing any good, but neither is the OTC cough syrup supressent. Couldn’t manage another of those expectorant pills, and I couldn’t find expectorant only syrup. Sheesh, we’ll see if I can get a good nights sleep or not. Sucks.

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  • If you got any throat mucous going on, when you eat the dark chocolate, some of it invariably slips down into the top of the larynx where it causes irritation and triggers the cough. Milk chocolate has a higher melting point, so it tends not to cause this, but the “milk” part can increase mucous production. The low melting point of good dark chocolate allows it to easily become fluid at body temperature and form a creeping film that easily flows down the walls of the pharynx and surfaces of the epiglottis and into the origin of the larynx. This low melting point is what gives dark chocolate its wonderful spreading flavor, but it is also what whacks you with the cough.

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