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Down Time

Hit St. Louis after work with Ckucke, JT, and Root before heading to McBike. The weather was clear, but being a few days away from the shortest day of the year, we had little ride time before the twilight overtook the daylight and sent us into darkness. Nice to be out on the trails after such a long absence!

Pictures here

D = 5.23 km (3.25-miles), Vavr = 13.7 km/h (8.5-mph), Vmax = 42.6 km/h (26.5-mph), T = 23-minutes

Ghost from the Past

Weird.  Alexi from the old MTB XC racing days dropped by McBike on Tuesday.  I knew he moved back to the Bay Area years back, but he’s been intermittently returning to the islands.  This time, he returned with his >2-year-old daughter.


Acme Titanium Bonded Trauma Shears

Acme_shearsFabio put an order together for all of us from RescueDirect for trauma shears. It was pretty difficult finding decent quality shears locally, perhaps from not looking in the right place, or not having access to the wholesale medical supply companies’ inventories. Most of the stuff I found wasn’t even PRC quality – heck, the ones McBike had were made in Pakistan or Afghanistan or something! I saw that Todd the tennis racquet stringer had a pair of nice shears that said “Acme” and “Titanium” on them. He had gotten them next door at Long’s on closeout after CVS took them over, but that was months before, so there were none left to be had. A quick search online identified the product, and a cursory investigation of the various online retailers’ shipping policy regarding The 50th State selected a dealer. The word went out, and soon we were rolling in trauma shears (it was more like a couple of months, but Fabio was busy). Continue reading ‘Acme Titanium Bonded Trauma Shears’


And you know what, I wish people who’s seat has not been called yet
for boarding would not crowd and cluster around the head of the line.



No way! Wait to board flight from Kahalui to HNL, on baggage loaders
trailer, a DaKine roller Traveler in the same hideous plaid as mine!
There goes my theory that no one else would have that color!


Dammit, they tricked me!

Kahalui airport after finishing job. Took longer than expected. Don’t
go to first bar, Sammys at airport. Ownership diff, they don’t have
Guiness on tap anymore! Was thinking about that during drive. Instead
go to gate 23, the bar here has it, yay!


Damn you! You keep sending me ads for stuff that you wont ship out of country! Like all the cool kitchen gadgets I want!


Why the Heck Am I up so Early?

ugly_shirt_and_cookiesI set the alarm for 01:30, but didn’t get up until 02:20. That didn’t give me much time before rolling out, but I at least ate some yogurt before heading over to Kaimuki. In anticipation of something like this, I had my kit all prepped from the night before. Food wouldn’t be a problem, since I had some bars and gels, and there would be a lot of idle downtime before start time. The sky was clear, but it was only starting to cool off from Saturday’s heat. There was very little outbound traffic, but the potential of HPD action kept me at the speed limit. The freeway was clear so my timing worked out about right. Chris and Mitch were already there at the KCC parking lot, and Ckucke and Root rolled in soon after. Quite amazing – everyone showed up for the 2009 Honolulu Marathon wheelchair division escort! Continue reading ‘Why the Heck Am I up so Early?’


I dislike the holiday season, not only because it is a thinly veiled attempt to force Judeo-Christian monotheism down non-believers’ throats through habituation by disguising it as a commercial holiday, but also because of the horrid seasonal music. Jack Frost, stay the F away from my nose, you pervert! …and WTF is a “Jingle Horse” anyway?


Ride to Ride

Hide_shortrib_soupThe Honolulu Marathon is coming up, so tonight was the pre-event meeting for the wheelchair division bicycle escorts. The meeting was at the usual Church of the Croosroads, but the person who was supposed to open up the meeting room for us forgot, so we had the meeting out on the lawn. We were all returnees, and pretty much had the routine down, so Laura just gave us a brief on what minor changes there were and distributed the official vests. Ckucke, Root, and I had ridden down from Ckucke’s house, so we stopped in at Hide-chan for dinner then rode back home. Mitch was supposed to meet us, but he couldn’t find parking.

D = 7.31 km (4.54-miles), Vavr = 14.5 km/h (9.0-mph), Vmax = 27.5 km/h (17.1-mph), T = 30-minutes