Quick Run

Monday, 16 August 2010

Ckucke, Root, and I were pretty worn out from Sunday’s trail ride, but at JT’s insistence, we met up for a St. Louis drop with Kevyn. I relented because JT said it would be easy. The weather in the morning was terrible, so I thought maybe I’d get some respite from riding, but shortly after noon, the clouds dispersed, and the sun baked the trail again to dryness. To keep the muscle effort down, we stayed up on Mainline and went straight through to the rock drop trail after taco jumps. Descending to agave, we took the smooth, lower line out to the water tank, and stepped up to the rocky bypass above the concrete road. It seemed like we were going pretty fast in sections. Back at Kanewai, I talked with Cook Paul and my cousin, Mike, while Kevyn shuttled Ckucke back up to recover his truck. After ditching the bikes at Ckucke’s, we met Kevyn and Lorna for Vietnamese dinner at the top of Wai’alae. They got my order right this time.

Pictures here

D = 3.69 km (2.29-miles), Vavr = 15.8 km/h (9.8-mph), Vmax = 36.0 km/h (22.4-mph), T = 14-minutes

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