Botan Ebi

Mmmm, amaebi.

So today was meat day at Ninjaya (Nijiya), no really. 2 = ni, 9 = ku (kyu); 29 = niku = meat! Their cuts of meat are 20% off and it happened on a good day as I was out food shopping. I’d already went by Marukai and picked up a tray of sashimi for tonight, the plan was chirashi style sushi. My other plan was shabu shabu tomorrow if the meat was good, and indeed I picked up a couple trays of good looking ribeye shabu shabu cuts. I also checked out the fish section, Ninjaya might not be cheap, but they do on occasion have some interesting offerings, and I saw today they had trays of Hawaii botan ebi, yay! I’d seen it before, but it didn’t go with my food plans at that time, but this time its perfect! This is something I haven’t ever seen at any other supermarket, you’d probably have to go to the seafood specialty shops like Tamashiros. So I grabbed a nice small tray, checked out, and headed home.

Good stuff. Kinda gelatanous and sweet meat, yum! I hear most sushi places will deep fry the head and present it with the ebi. I didn’t want to try that, I instead tossed the heads into a quick dashi broth for a soup of shrimpy goodness with a couple bits of chutoro for good measure. Mmm, kinda a zeitaku meal meal when I thought about it, not so long ago something like this would have been for royalty! I hope I don’t get ill though, I dropped one ebi into the sink peeling it, I rinsed it off, but…. I couldn’t bring mayself to discard it, these guys (& at least one gal) weren’t cheap!

Anyway, sorry I neglected pics, but it was yummy!

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