Go Get Your Cases of Bottled Water

Major quake off east coast of Japan. Its a bit unclear about magnitude, news media here is saying 8.8, but from other sources that may be Japan scale. From media footage, looks like bulk of damage is tsunami, which was significant size, so sounds like we do need to pay attention to the warning that was issued for Hawaii. Of course the gas stations are a mad house when I was driving home, the line from Koko Marina almost reached our street. I’m sure people are running like mad to buy cases of bottled water. I’ll just go run out and fill the jerry can. I guess I should have restocked the food in a bag stuff, all my MREs have long since expired and been thrown out. Anyway, batten down the hatches and watch the run on bottled water, Spam, and toilet paper!

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  • Tried to text you all, but of course everything’s on the blink. News footage was amazing. They’re saying 8.9!

    A little weird to get the news while scarfing down some battera at Inaba.

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