Manga Briefs – Mayo Chiki! (JDM)

Briefly, this is a romantic comedy built around a second-year high school boy with a female phobia from years of abuse by his professional-wrestler mother and exuberant younger sister who gets involved with a sadistic princess classmate and her cross-dressing female “butler”. The manga is an adaptation of a light novel series with a TV anime slated to start March 2011 (probably delayed due to the recent earthquake and tsunami).

Story: B+ Nothing particularly new here… I’ve seen the female-phobic/allergic protagonist, submissive cross-dressing boy/girl, over-the-top little sister, and sadistic-yet-well-intentioned princess character archetypes time and time again, but what is good in this instance is how they are brought together into the story. I’ll have to see what happens in future volumes, but so far so good. The characters are all fleshed out well with believable personalities and motivations. There is fighting in chapter 5, but I don’t think this (adversary of the month) is the direction the story is going (I hope).

Art: A Very good artwork with good tonal balance. Character art is consistent, and resolves well as characters are show from various angles. Backgrounds are fairly simple, and there are limited static atmospheric shots. Pretty well balanced in general.

Hentai-level: PG  There is adult story content, but there is not a whole bunch of nudity, and when there is, there are no nipples or genitalia. There are fairly numerous panty shots, but no camel-toe nor nipples through form-fitting garments. The eroticism in this work is entirely situational – not generated from explicit artwork.

Oh, sorry Root, that word at the end of chapter 2 was “goumon” for “torture”, not “koumon” for… you-know-what – I didn’t see the dakuten on the furigana.

Manga artwork – Niito
Original story – Asano Hajime
Original character design – Kikuchi Seiji
Media Factory, October 2010
ISBN 978-4-8401-3387-6

Highly recommended

Four out of four manga monkeys

Note – I picked up my first-edition copy at Comic Toranoana, so I got an a additional 8-page bonus comic!  Score!

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