Anime Briefs – Spring 2011 continued

With my PC dead at the moment, reduced to doing what I can with my iPhone, & the only stuff I can watch is Crunchyroll streams. I’d watched most of what initially interested me, so now down to the lesser stuff.

Blue Exorcist- teenage son of an exorcist comes to learn that in truth he is the son of Satan. He learns of this as his powers start to manifest and the demon world can now find him.

Root: I’d seen the preview teasers and was not impressed. Having watched the first two episodes, my opinion has reversed. The art, animation and character designs are actually good. I find the characters good, although it goes as you would expect. Interesting case where I’m glad I I decided to watch it despite the trailers! So far I give it a 3.5, out of 5 priestly monkeys.

Risu: After what Root said, I gave this one a chance.  The CG stuff is poor, but the general storyline is good and the artwork is good and the setting is well fleshed-out.  The traditional animation parts are well done.  It was a lot better than the stupid name would have led me to believe – it’s sort-of like Full-Metal Alchemist for older teens or adults.  With that out of the way, I must say that I generally find anime that involves any Judeo-Christian dogma very distasteful.  Although it is adequately clear that the creators of this show had no intent to indoctrinate viewers into Christainity, shows like this and “Index” and commercial Christmas in Japan only serve to habituate people on a lower level into accepting aspects of Christianity into their knowledgebase and lifestyle.  This habituation can be used by those who would attempt and impose their cultural and religious values on Japan and other non-Christian nations.  Insidious evil eating away at the cultural foundation of Japan!  Don’t oppress my people!  Anyhow, the show gets two-and-a-half out of four from me after subtracting half-a-point for having a lame-ass K-pop closing theme song.

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