Light My Fire Spork Little

I picked up a set of these at Soul Trex in Windward Mall for use with Fage yogurt. My Snow*Peak titanium spoon was too large to get at the fruit component, and these were a more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable spoons. I guess I could wash and reuse the disposable plastic spoons, but it ends up being pretty easy to throw away something that is free rather than something I paid cash for. For around $7 USD, this smallest version of the Swedish-made Light My Fire Sporks come in a pack of three assorted colors. The set I got has white, black, and chromate green: I think the other combination was red, pink, and white. It’s nice to find plasticware that isn’t made in the PRC. I feel a lot more confident that it isn’t going to poison me with mystery substitute materials slipped in after the test batch is inspected.

I really dislike traditional sporks, the kind with short tines on the tip of the spoon bowl. These are not sporks in that sense, being essentially a fork and spoon on opposite ends of a common handle. The larger brethren of this model have a serrated cutting edge on one side of the fork end, but this kids’ version deletes this feature supposedly for safety. The shape is ergonomic, and the BPA-free Tritan plastic quality is good. It is stiff enough to do the job, but not so stiff as to poke through your pack and impale you if you happened to be carrying one while snowboarding, climbing, or some other activity. The length is fine for packaged snack foods or plated items, but probably too short for MRE’s, rehydrated dehydrated stuff still in the bag, or things in a deeper cookset pot. It’s about the same overall size of the original (white) MRE spoons for those who are old enough to remember those. The nice thing about this spork is that it has no channels or grooves in it, so cleaning is very easy, and the likelihood of leaving any residue that can go nasty is reduced.


Made in Sweden

About $7 USD

Three-and-a-half out of four gear monkeys

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  • Hey, yogurt has the right to be whatever orientation they want, don’t be disparaging lactobacillus!

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