To Thai For

OK, we finally caved in and visited To Thai For restaurant in Kaimuki. It is in the space along Wailae Ave where Verbano used to be. We had reservations with the name & the prices seemed a bit on the higher side. The Scatman insisted however that his Thai friend picks it as one of his select few that he will eat at. The interior has been lightened up from what it used to be so feels much more casual. It was pretty busy, service pretty good.

Instead of going full family style, we ordered a pork Larb to share and then we each got individual entrees.

We can report that the food is great. Good food quality, the flavor and spicing is outstanding, no pussyfooting around. The medium heat level is quite decent, not a watered down medium. I ordered the Rad Na. When I go back, I’ll probably order something else. There was nothing wrong with it, it’s quite good, but it was just like a chinese cake noodle dish. I felt I was missing out as I sampled everyone else’s curries. I’m not sure if they adjusted their prices from when they first opened, or we enjoyed it so much that it doesn’t seem very high priced, the perceived value is very good now!

Highly recommended. I have a feeling they will become included into our rotation of Thursday evening dining choices now! 4 out of 4 muay thai kicking monkeys.

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  • Larb was somewhat salty. Hot is hot! Very good. Some/many of the menu item names are silly, but try and look beyond that. Service good up until closing time when they neglect you and take forever to bring you the bill. I second the 4 out of 4 ladyboy monkeys.

  • There were no ladyboys there! (I think)

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