It just gets better

So here it is1:30am after the 11hr drive, instead of a AWD SUV we have a Dodge Caravan, had a awesome dinner of San Fransisco sourdough with canned Chey Boyardie ravioli and a supermarket brand tomato basil bisque soup, and finally Dave goes to get a much wanted shower when the spigot head falls off. WTF!


2 Responses to “It just gets better”

  • Sheesh! Sounds like you guys are paying for that trip. The best part so far is the Dodge Caravan. I love those things! When T and me drove from Washington, through Idaho and into Yellowstone, we were in a Caravan. Loved all the extra space and window visibility.

    Rock on.

  • Falls off? No, more like rockets off and ricochets off the opposite side of the bathtub!

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