Antelope island

Friday took another day off and visited Antelope island. If your in Salt Lake City with nothing to do for a day and like outdoors & wildlife it’s worth checking out. It’s an island in the Great Salt Lake about an hours drive. Filled with geography and animals we don’t see in Hawaii. Arid, rocky, funky salt water. The shores awash with the dried up bodies of brine fly larvae. In our drive and the couple short hikes we did we managed to see the buffalo, which are hard to miss, mid sized bird of prey, some kind of field rodent, coyotes, antelope, deer, bunny, chukkers, seagulls.

Saturday we headed to Solitude. As forecast it was windy, and as the morning progressed the forecast snow came down. It was a bit miserable riding, are we becoming snow snobs? Before we would be eating it up and pounding the slopes every day and be calling the current conditions good. Now we took a break for lunch and a long disco nap before heading back out. Conditions started clearing and we found some pretty fun stuff. The most photo op one was the overhead high cliff drop. It was a good closing day for this trip.
we are currently at LAX on our five hour layover, not exactly the greatest, but at least we are here. There was no way we wanted to drive back, regardless of the fruit store with the best pistachios we’ve ever had. Looks like the more interesting restaurants are in the international terminal, which we can’t go to. No Sushi Boy for us.

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