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Bacon Makes Me Sad?

I heard about the Jack in the Box bacon milkshake in the newspaper yesterday, so it became my mission to try it out. They were running a special on their new BLT cheeseburger, so I got one of those as a meal deal and upgraded to the shake. I guess if I was really out for bacon in everything, I could have swapped out the fries for the bacon cheddar potato wedges. Continue reading ‘Bacon Makes Me Sad?’

So Long, Chinatown Boardroom

I stopped by Chinatown Boardroom on this month’s First Friday to say goodbye to the downtown art space and surfboard showroom I enjoyed so much over the years. I got to talk to Eric and roughhouse with Enoki a bit, but Jackie wasn’t in when I was there. It’s difficult to write about a shop closure without getting into the whole “economic downturn” thing, but as Eric summed it up, the whole Chinatown scene has changed so much in the last 10 years, and that in addition to the poor economy has conspired against operating a small shop at a profit. Indeed Chinatown has gone from a seedy crime-infested underbelly to a thriving art community, but in recent years (think around when “block parties” started) the vibe has changed toward more of a hipster club scene. Art has become “old hat” downtown. Face it – hipsters only buy dumb hats and fixie bikes and each one fancies himself an artist, so they don’t really support the art communuity: Where hipsters go, the whole iToons-fostered culture of instantly downloadable sub-$5 consumerism soon follows and the idea of creativity is lost. Continue reading ‘So Long, Chinatown Boardroom’

Edible Briefs – Koa Pancake House Blueberry Pancakes

After hiking Hawaii Loa Ridge, Root and I stopped by Koa Pancake House in Kaimuki for some post-hike nutrition. For some reason, I wanted pancakes, so I didn’t get any of the meat-and-eggs dishes and went straight for the blueberry pancakes. The full stack was five large pancakes. In retrospect, I probably could have just done the short stack of three. The pancakes were cooked properly and it looked like they used fresh blueberries as opposed to some frozen or canned slurry. They came served with real whipped butter (not heinous margarine) and were sweet enough with the berries that I really didn’t have to use much mystery syrup. I managed to eat all but maybe a little less than half of the last pancake. We got there right at the end of their operating day, so they were cleaning up while we were eating (they close at 14:00). Continue reading ‘Edible Briefs – Koa Pancake House Blueberry Pancakes’

Crazedale Center

Whatever’s happening at Blaisdel better be freakin good, spent close to 40 minutes trapped on ward getting from krapiolani to king st!!


More Toking/Less Oofing

Damn neighbors woke me up.  It’s 04:45 dammit!  I wish they would toke more and oof less…


Honolulu Chocolate Company Hand-Rolled Chocolate Indulgence

I was at Ward Center to pick up something, so I stopped in at Honolulu Chocolate Company and got a large hand-rolled chocolate indulgence for a snack.  I didn’t have a cooler in the car, and it was a hot afternoon, so I was worried it wouldn’t survive.  It made it through with a couple of bumps, even with me making a side-trip to Ala Moana.  I hid it in the center console under my refrigerator-cold water bottle, but the car interior had already cooled off.  Mmm… chocolate! First thing I did when I got down to The Pit was eat the truffle (after taking this picture of course)! Continue reading ‘Honolulu Chocolate Company Hand-Rolled Chocolate Indulgence’