Akimune-an Oreo Taiyaki

Having missed this the first time around, I was glad to get the chance to get one, but at the same time I was a little disappointed how quickly it came around in the special bi-weekly flavor rotation.  The woman working was unfamiliar, but she made my taiyaki in short order, and even left on the mold flash how I like it.  I’m sure that is more an issue of laziness rather than adherence to rustic appearance traditons!  After taking a bite I felt a bit let down – perhaps because I was denied last time and the anticipation of this maboroshi flavor made me expect more out of it than it had to offer.  The filling was essentially coarsely crushed and moistened Oreo cookies.  It is good, but it isn’t the end-all of the myriad alternative taiyaki fillings: I’d take the conventional anko filling over the Oreo without a second thought.  There is a slight residual crunch from some of the larger cookie pieces.  This one might appeal to those who don’t like really sweet things.

Somewhat recommended

Two-and-a-half out of four munch monkeys

$2.50 USD plus sales tax

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