Well, as per GoPro website and the usual first fix for anything computer related, I “rebooted” the GoPro and the WiFi Back. I’m not sure if that fixed anything but I did a little test by putting the camera on the roof of car outside then going for a walk down the street. To get the advertised range of 200 yards, you need to have a totally clear line of sight. I actually was able to go out to past 300 yards and still get spotty control. But once you get things in the way, signal is drastically affected. With the camera in my room I totally loose signal by the time I reach the end of the garage, perhaps 20 yards. Single wall redwood tongue & groove construction house. I’ll have to see if the reboot will help out at the rally cross site. The site is open dirt, but with Jersey barriers in areas. There were times when I couldn’t get 10 yard range. I wonder if there was some kind of electrical interference going on, maybe the spooks, or Pearl, or aliens.

Oh, and another thing, the open air cutout extension back seems to reduce sound sensitivity more than the regular open back. Hopefully they get Bluetooth working for external mic, there actually is an icon for it now in the camera setting, but it doesn’t do anything currently. Although that’ll be yet more battery drain.

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  • What the others said:Firmware update is very difficult for even those that are very technical. The camera update flat out does not work worked using CineForm Studio as per web site on Windows 7 Premium 64-bit, you have to manually download the file, format the card in the camera, etc. Look on Google for the steps.The 1.0 firmware on the WiFi backpack and remote should not ship, it is totally useless. The firmware update for the WiFi backpack and remote does sort of work, but you will have to follow the exact instructions about 10-12 times before you stumble on the correct timing to hit “retry” the update after it initially fails, use your speakers to hear the USB connection go up and down and eventually you will get it.Camera waterproof to 160ft, remote waterproof to 10 feet, remote range under water…less than 8 inches, shame on GoPro for not mentioning that upfront!!! Do not purchase the remote for Snorkeling or any underwater use.There is no support for the Android or Apple WiFi connection as promised, no application on the Apple store or Google. This was advertised to work last year when the WiFi backpack was to be released, not cool.This product should not have been released or GoPro should have made it apparent that it can not be used as they advertised or as anyone would expect from a waterproof remote.

    • I don’t fault GoPro for some of the complaints going around, but I guess they needed to put stuff in big print instead of fine print. I’m willing to wait on the ap. The firware updating was a big PIA though. I have no expectations of wireless underwater, but I know electronics fairly well so know to expect that.

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