Friday Rager – Red is NOT the New Yellow

OK, I try not to go into rants on traffic because it’s pointless and never ending, but I’ll get it all out today, it having been an especially horrid Friday, even though traffic wasn’t that bad. Actually this isn’t about traffic, it’s about idiot drivers. First and foremost, the title of this post. It sure seems people think otherwise though, I had red light runners at two consequtive intersections! My other top peeve that I’m sure I’ve posted before about is, the solution to gridlock is NOT to make your way into the intersection to make sure you don’t have to wait a light cycle since your already in the intersection. Who cares about the traffic backing into the freeway even though the through lane you are blocking is clear for an entire block past you!

A single solid white line does NOT mean oh I’m late to pick up my kids from softball, that’s an emergency and I can cross it!

A Double solid white does NOT mean since I’m crossing this I’ll also cross the single solid to barely make it into the left turn lane at the intersection!

Your Camry is NOT a semi-tractor trailor, you do NOT need to swing an additional half lane to the right to make a left turn!

And related opposite to this, cutting corners is NOT a positive phrase, cutting into the oncoming lane on a left turn is NOT a good thing!

The phrase do not block driveway (more parking available across the street) on the sign at the Makiki post office does NOT mean drive around the corner and go halfway into the exit driveway leaving the tail of your Dodge Ram sticking into the street, jumping out of your truck and going to the mail drop box!

A freeway merge does NOT mean drive all the way to the very end of the ramp, and then stop!

A stop sign does NOT mean just because you stopped behind the car that just stopped at the sign, you can now go!

One Way does NOT mean one way only when it’s convenient to you, and One Way does NOT mean having your car pointed in the direction, but going in reverse!

Whew, OK, I got that out of my system, I’m at home kicking back with a nice smoky porter, it’s all good now!

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