Only One Thing Smells Like Bacon…

20120622-205713.jpgI had to do it, got the Burger King bacon sundae as a desert with my lunch yesterday. Basically a vanilla sundae with chocolate and caramel syrup and bacon bits and strip of bacon garnish. No wussy kosher vegan bacon like flavoring, honest to goodness real pork goodness here! So the verdict? It’s a gimmick. It’s actually not bad at all, but on the other hand it’s not something I’d go out of my way for.
BK has stepped things up with a revamp of menu, and the other thing I tried and do like are the sweet potato fries. Maybe behind the times for all you hip bar flys, but pretty cool to find at a mainstream fast food joint.

2 Responses to “Only One Thing Smells Like Bacon…”

  • Oh man, can’t believe you went for it. Looks like I’ll be the last man standing and raising a glass of that dirt Scotch to ya’ll!

  • Wow. They didn’t wuss out like J in the B with their “bacon” shake that contained no actual bacon. Wouldn’t have thought it would be BK to do something like this on the mainstream market, but then again they did all those chicken ads and the one horror King-in-the-backyard ad.

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