In working on the rally FX, discovered the rear engine mount in this condition. Found an old one, but it was likewise cracked, marginally better. I flipped it around and put it in for now. Called around the last two days, with Napa & Carquest saying they found it, but when I actually went down they were nothing like my mounts. Decided to go the DIY way and reconstruct it using the gooey 3M Window Weld stuff. It’s a common “cheap” trick for filling in OEM mounts to stiffen them up. This stuff is a single part moisture cured polyurethane. I actually used this stuff on the front mount, but that mount was still good. This one I drilled & sawed out all the rubber and am in the process of filling in entirely with the black goop. It’s not super cheap in Hawaii, a tube of this stuff at Napa is around $20. And once you open it, its done. You need to use it immediately, anything left over will quickly harden and never come out of tube. I just finished filling in the mount and theres about 2/3 of the tube left. Oh well! Now to wait for it to cure, with this kind of thickness it’ll be a couple days.

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