Bad CG SH-3

Really?  HVT transport armored car gets grabbed by a mystery Sea King helo with a giant, dangling claw and NOBODY even mentions trying to track down a helicopter with a giant claw?  Anybody?  Giant claw?  Can you charter that?  Now if it was the classic HI5-0 and it was the PRC agent Wo Fat, then maybe the resources of the party could be brought to bear, but if it’s just the local crime boss busting him loose, how’d he mange to rent such an expensive bird and contract someone to fabricate the giant truck-grappling claw?  Not sure what the GVW is on a big armored car like that, but the maximum payload for a SH-3 is between 8,000 and 10,000 pounds.  I’m kind-of thinking they didn’t get the right helicopter for the job.  In any case, I’m glad HI5-0 is back for season three!

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