Made in China – #2 Phillips Insert Bits

Is there such a thing as a #2 Phillips insert bit that isn’t made in the PRC anymore?  I still have to check at City Mill and as a last resort Home Despot, but all Sears had were from China, both Craftsman and DeWalt branded ones (they probably all come from the same slave-labor camp).  The only thing they had that was not from the PRC in that section were Posidriv bit sets, but those are probably ancient stock, as nobody uses freak bits like those (or 8-point sockets).

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  • Vermont American bits at City Mill were made in China (shouldn’t that be “Vermont Chinese”?). There were some mystery brand bits in the drywall screw section from the bulk-pack screw vendor that were made in Taiwan for about $0.40 USD more than the Chinese ones, so I bought those.

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