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Rescue Routine

It’s actually been a few weeks since HFD1 has visited. I missed the previous pic opportunity and didn’t blog it, the victim was lifted out from so low on trail I couldn’t see it. And today as we were under Scat’s sled removing his brake master I hear the familiar whine of HFD1. I guess the guys are getting so much practice they’re so good at this now that by the time I rolled out from under the car and walked out to look, they had this victim in the barf basket and whipped out to landing at the field. Didn’t have time to get my camera so no pics again.

Spork Little Fail!

My black Light My Fire Spork Little fell into two pieces today when I was washing it.  It had survived Greek yoghurt and instant Korean spicy noodles earlier in the evening, but couldn’t handle dish detergent and water.  I wasn’t even bending it or twisting it.  It didn’t go “pop” when it failed either – it just released.  Now I’m down to the white one since the avocado green one disappeared almost immediately.  Weak.


Weird.  Saw an old Mitsubishi Montero Sport that someone went through the trouble to rebadge “Nativa” which is what it is sold as in the Middle East and Central America.  That’s even more weird than kids rebadging their USDM E120 Toyota Corollas with Southeast Asia “Altis” badges.