Ouch! My Wallet

Shopping days will do that.  Caught the subway out to Shiroishi and went to Shuugakusou Shiroishi to turn about $270 USD into things made out of titanium.  Their Snow*Peak signature store is pretty awesome.  They also have various other domestic titanium backpacking cookware and tableware manufacturers that don’t carry as heavy a price tag, but the stuff is still not cheap.  Nice thing though the mystery Japan ti brands are not much more than mystery China ti stuff like GSI Outdoors.

After unfruitfully looking for Indian food for lunch, I spun by Excel Hobby.  They had the new KSC Springfield XD-M GBB’s in black and tan in the compact model, and black in the full-sized version.  Mojo Dave asked me to look for those, but at 17000-yen (about $218 USD), I don’t think he’d be interested.  They had the same MSM and Magpul PTS patches they had last time, along with two TAD knockoff patches, one rectangle with the TAD skull as the center of a Jolly Roger pirate flag, and another that was the TAD skull blended with the bent arms of the USAF logo.  New was their own logo patch with a pretty angry, grimacing skull with a reticle eye and their shop name and “Sapporo”.  I was totally going to get one, but the colors were all off.  The tan was almost cream, the Coyote was brassy, and the green was more Peter Pan than OD.  I don’t know.  I may still pick one up if I am in that area again in the next few days.  I stopped into their 4th floor minicar/plastic model shop.  Not much interesting there.  They had some of the newer Hasegawa Maschinen Krieger kits.  They had a diecast black BMW Z3 Coupe, but it wasn’t the M version, so I resisted getting it, besides, $76 USD was a little steep.  Whee.

After a brief stop at the Patagonia store, I had another round of MOS (Tobikiri Cheese this time – review to come) then went by Toranoana and Animate and blew another $93 USD on manga.  I’m still surprised that they are still marketing Evangelion goods.  That’s one good cash cow for Gainax.  That “everybody is going to die” magical girl property has a lot of merchandising too.  I went by the Cosmo Mall to visit Mandarake, but it is gone.  Oh well.  After a brief stop for 2800-yen (about $36 USD) of tea, it was time to call it a day.

Now it’s time to kick back with a Belgian Vedett Extra White Weiss (review forthcoming) and play with my new titanium toys and read my perverse comic books!  Woo hoo!

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  • Dude, they’re milking eva for more than it’s worth with all the revivals with all the 999.0 Recycle You Can (Not) Are (Not) Refuse. Guess Gainax hasn’t had any big name dropping series since, the latest Medaka Box thing is garbage.

  • Did everyone go to jail in the various tax evasion scandals? Medaka Box and Gurren-Lagann definitely weren’t in the same league as FLCL or Diebuster/Gunbuster II.

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