Lipstick on a Pig (2)

Saw a 4th gen Mitsubishi Eclipse with a carbon fiber hood.  Really?  No matter how much money you throw at one of those, it will still be a slow, terrible car.  I can’t believe someone actually manufactures a carbon hood for it!  That’s even weirder than a body kit for a Hyundai Tiburon.

2 Responses to “Lipstick on a Pig (2)”

  • And there’s form over function, where the carbon fiber hoods for the FR-S/BRZ are heavier than the stock Al hood!

  • That’s been the case for virtually every car that shipped with OEM aluminum bonnets and boot lids like the first and second generation Subaru Impreza WRX’s. In the case of this Mitsubishi in question, I’m sure that the giant, featureless steel hood was very heavy, but the mystery China slave-labor-camp made carbon hood may not be that much lighter. Just think back to early carbon Kestrel bike frames that were heavier than steel and aluminum frames.

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