Yes Mr. Pessimistic, now something else down the line started going. With the solid motor mount I did get better response and my times at the race were back up near the top. I did again get the engine light and some driveability issues. Back home checked things out. The code was O2 sensor and starter signal so today I took a look. Changed out the O2, its placement was kind of close to the drive shaft and I kinda bent the wire a little one of the times I messing with the shafts. I also looked at the engine mount. The welded up mount itself was fine. The bolts holding bracket on the transaxle however had come loose. Tightened those up, hopefully they’ll hold. We’ll see next race, I just have to  stop hitting so many cones!

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  • What if you red-loctite some studs in the transaxle bolt holes, then put some nylocks on there? Maybe safety wire?

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