Smells Like Dirt

There is a traditional myth that the slimy juice from awapuhi ginger flowers can be used as a shampoo, cleanser, and conditioner.  Since the flowers were in bloom on the last ride, I harvested a selection of various levels of maturity for an empirical test.  Both small, young flowers and large, older flowers produced a slime of equivalent quality.  Regardless of age or size, all the gel produced performed the same as a shampoo – poorly.  It didn’t remove any of the oily filth of a several hour mountain bike ride, but it did leave a smooth feeling similar to a commercial conditioner.  The lingering dirt smell the fluid left unfortunately diminished the possible conditioning benefit.  Fail.  I guess it might be possible to use it as a conditioner after first shampooing, but it doesn’t appear to have any cleansing properties.  It would be nice if it smelled like ginger instead of dirt.

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