Man, my hands are looking like the anime trope of the dojjiko girl after cooking her first dinner for the dude. I cut my left thumb pretty good washing dishes a few days ago. A sake/shot glass tipped over in the sink. It looked fine but when I started scrubbing it I felt a odd sensation in my left hand, and then the glass split in two. It then stung and started bleeding. Flooded it with povidone iodine and washed it out then applied a pad with pressure. It’s actually closed up quite fast, I don’t really need all that dressing you see in the pic, but I was up in the ceiling of Ala Moana food court pulling cable today so that with nitrile gloves was more than a good idea. My right hand I did today loading the trunk for afore mentioned cable pull. Jammed my finger strait into a sheet metal edge in the trunk if the FR-S, partially split the nail. Good thing I brought along two gloves!

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