A by product of working on Ckucky’s Taco, I discovered that the Ace Hardware in Kaimuki carries a pretty good selection of Plastidip products, including the colorizers. They didn’t have the new copper metalizer, so I picked up a can of the gold to play with. If you look almost a year back when I got the FR-S, one of the first things I did was try out the black spray Plastidip  on my rims. Made them look a lot better. Been thinking about doing the metalizer color since then, but no one brought those spray cans in, and no one wants to ship them to Hawaii. Finally get a chance. Debated what to do about the original coat of black, should I remove and start all over? The original coat actually still looks pretty good, so I decided to do what J suggested and lay down a new layer of black on the existing, and then go for it. Gave the rims a good washing and there were a few spots where it was peeling. Decided to go ahead and see how spraying a layer on top would go. Then I busted out the gold metalizer. When I did a little test shot, this stuff was almost like a super fine metal flake. The spray mist in the air sparkled. If you check it out in closeup, you can see how it isn’t just a solid gold. Interesting. Actually started to look not bad, a lot like my textured gold/bronze Volks TE37s. Perhaps because of the high particulate count in the paint/colorizer, I did get some occasional splatters.

I then ran into a problem, aside from it being dark, the can of metalizer felt more than half empty. I decided to not attempt more and rearranged my wheels so I had a harlequin FR-S and put the two gold wheels on the drivers side. You’ll never be able to see both sides of the car at the same time, so this would look fine. A lot better than having one black and one gold rim on one side. Sorry, it’s night now so you can’t quite get a good feel for how it looks on the car. Will have to wait till tomorrow.

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