Super GoPro Mount Plus

In my review of the Bell Super all mountain helmet I mentioned how the GoPro accessory mount is a bit weak. The black parts in this pic are the stock Bell part. The little Velcro tab is all that keeps it attached. The underside of the black plastic is molded in the shape of the vent hole that it fits in so that keeps it from wiggling too much, but you can only get so much tension from the Velcro. When I put the anko extension on the GoPro it got seriously wiggly. My solution was to make a plate that goes on the inside of the helmet and use bolts to retain the mount. I used the PVC plastic sheet that I have a pile left over, cut it to shape, and heated it with the heat gun and formed it into the helmet. I then drilled holes to take a nylon screw and nut, I really didn’t savor the idea of metal screws pointed straight at my forehead. I had to grind a little on the center tab to fit the nut in there, but it seems to work well. Now I just have to work out some kind of a bumper to hold up the extension arm, other wise the camera ends up drooping into my face.

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