Beer is Good – Moretti La Rossa

This is one of the two easily available Moretti products on the worldwide market. I’ve seen it referred to as “Moretti Dark” at Verbano, but a more apt description for this doppio (double) would be “Moretti Strong” with its higher alcohol content and robust flavor. The decoction was strong and the hopping was more sweet than bitter. The initial taste was that sweet that faded into an understated malt, then a slight astringency in the fade to the finish. This doppelbock wasn’t syrupy, but it did have a thicker mouthfeel than the standard Moretti offering. The carbonation was low and head short-lived. The heavier, sweeter taste of this beer works well with veal and heavier marinara sauces, but doesn’t go that well with delicately flavored dishes like carpaccio or pasta or entrees with cream sauces. I’ll still choose a Peroni over either of the Moretti beers if given the choice.

Give it a try if you find one

Two-and-a-half out of four chewy monkeys

7.2% ABV

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