Beer is Good – Yoho Suiyoubi no Neko Belgian Ale

This is another beer that I’ve seen a few times but never tried. I came across it again while trying to search for Kawaba using “Japanese weiss” as search terms. I shortlisted it for a taste test. All I needed was the chance to get one, and on the way back from Noboribetsu, I got the chance. The “cat beer” can is unmistakable. It does make one ponder who the intended market for this beer is. The same brewery also makes Yona Yona Ale and Tokyo Black beer. Neither of these sounded that intriguing, especially when I already had some special brews from Noboribetsu Beer already in my pack, so I just got the cat.

Now as to the brewery, the katakana on the can has them as “Yahou”, like as you’d call out from a mountaintop. The website listed on the can is the romaji “yohobrewing dot com”. When you go to the site, they use the romaji “Yo-ho”. Seriously? Do they not know themselves what their own company name is?

The beer pours a clear straw blonde with a thin head. I tried swirling the can to bring up any solids, but this beer has been filtered. That disappointed me a little. The initial taste is wheaty and mildly astringent followed with a strong blooming of an apricot aromatic. It is not as heavy on the tongue as an unfiltered Belgian like the ubiquitous Blue Moon, but you can still taste all the components – the wheat, the coriander, and the orange peel. The filtration makes it a bit brighter and more refreshing, similar to the Samuel Adams Winter Ale, and would make a great post-boarding or post-MTB beer. If it was a local specialty from up North here, I’d bring some back, but it’s from Karuizawa, Nagano, so you’ll have to find your own sources. It’s a good beer, but it’s not what I expected.


Three out of four filtered monkeys

4.5% ABV

Available in Japan and specific worldwide markets

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