Edible Briefs – Nestle Japan Otona no Amasa Kit Kat

Nestle Japan makes innumerable regional variations of the Kit Kat chocolate-covered biscuit candy, usually borrowing the flavor of the coating from the local specialty food, whether that be strawberry, green tea, melon, wasabi, sweet potato, or even soy sauce! While killing time at the airport before my return flight, I saw some boring flavors that I’ve had before or are available at Don Quijote on Kaheka, then I saw these. From the get-go, the katakana “otona” for “adult” caught my eye. Adult? What, is it like naughty or something? I couldn’t read the kanji, though it seemed vaguely familiar. The package was dark, and the images of the candy seemed darker than the usual milk chocolate, so I figured what they meant by “adult” was these were a less-sweet dark chocolate version. I threw them in my Kifaru after buying them and forgot about them until a couple days ago.

I already gave some away, but finally got to try one today. It is dark chocolate. Compared to the non-chocolate Kit Kat flavors, this is easily superior. This is not only because real chocolate is better than any flavored white chocolate: This is actually reasonably good dark chocolate. This isn’t like the hard, waxy chocolate in Black Crunky or Black Thunder. The biscuit is the same as usual, though the overall size of Japanese promotional or bagged Kit Kat is like a third smaller than the individual retail size – it’s like the “fun size” sold at Halloween. I guess that’s the whole “Nestle” part rearing its head: The Swiss gnomes won’t tolerate mediocre chocolate.

Oh, and they’re not naughty.


Three out of four fun sized monkeys

I think the bag of 13 mini bars was like 525-yen

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