Shake Rattle and ….

Don’t want to complete that line for fear of it happening. While waiting on the drive side drive shaft that was sent back, I decided to take care of some small issues on the other side. It still had the OEM short wheel studs so I took the hub off and apart. Oh my, the steering arm joint was missing a cotter pin and was barely finger tight. The joint itself came apart with no tools. Yikes! Definitely a good thing I got in there! I pulled the CV shaft because the transaxle was leaking at that seal. Looks like this shaft is fine, but I discovered something else had rattled loose! The rear engine mount that I welded solid had rattled it’s mount off the transaxle, the bolts were no where to be found! Fortunately it seems the threads are still good so I pulled a set of bolts from one of the spares and cleaned and coated with thread locking compound. Hopefully this holds, I’m sure this was stressing the CV shafts too. Fortunately no more surprises, I changed the transaxle seal and got the whole passenger side drivetrain back together.

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