Whistle Sunday

Flight on Friday was uneventful. Drive from Bellingham was nice. We did get held up in Vancouver navigating the streets and the heavy Saturday traffic. There was some street festival going closing one street. Saw some Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay walking through the streets, presumably on their way to the convention center for the Vancouver anime con happening the weekend.arrived in whistler a little later than planned, but it was not a problem. Found the condo, unpacked the bikes, then cruised the Village. It was interesting being here in the summer. Kinda odd seeing everything so green!
The mix of people was a bit more diverse than winter, but it was a kick to see how mountAin bike specific it is now. Back home it’s still kinda a fringe thing to do and in our groups eyes has kind of died down. Here it’s the thing to do. With lots of families riding in addition to the hardcore bearing full armored downhill people. Oh yeah, lots of kick butt girl riders too!
I’ll get some pics up soon, maybe when I write about first ride Sunday.

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  • Cool, any cosplay girl riders? Or boys for that matter (you could start the trend, heh).
    Chillin at K park, tents are going up for the wknd festival here too.

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