khyber death march

Our Top Of The World ride turned into an epic super technical singletrack downhill death march. Imagine doing St. Louis World Cup Downhill for 5 hours. I exaggerate, a little. The start of TOTW trail was rocky and dusty much like lower St Louis. It mellowed out and we found the turnoff to Kyber pass.

if we had stayed on the main trail we probably would have finished the in half an hour. Kyber pass was more medowy and entered forest as opposed to the open arid alpine. It was a bit more of a contour trail that did some dipping down then climbing, but there was a lot of sketchy root, rock, and loose dirt dropins. Dave unfortunately went down pretty early on and found a rock with his leg and tree with his arm. It put him out of sorts for much of the rest of the ride. All the singletrack dropping is blending together in memory, and then we came to the “rappel”. A rock cliff section that had a piece of rope to assist in negotiating a clamber down it. The were signs that someone had been dropping it on the bikes, but it looked insane. I’m really skipping a lot, it was already deathmarch territory by the time we got out to the promised road and microwave tower. There was a false trail the quickly ended backtracked for a tiny bit and got us onto the trail called babylon. This had some up and downs then became a balls fast narrow downhill. It had a good amount of rocks though so it kept us from going too crazy. Chucks shin has the welt to show from a baseball sized rock that his front tire kicked up.
We weren’t done yet, after this trail he went up a short ways on gravel two track and onto Tunnel Vision. This was some nice flowing more cross country style terrain that brought us out to paved road.
At least the road ride wasn’t as long as Monday. Along the way we stopppd at the Village at the Australian Meat Pie shop and had some kick ass pie!
About to pass out now, will sleep nice tonight!

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