Getting Squamish

We’ve been hearing from people that the riding in Squamish is great, some even saying it’s better than Whistler. Squamish is about 40 minutes south by car so after test fitting (cramming) all the bikes in the Suburban after our Thursday ride, we decided to check it out today. The weather is overcast, cooler, and drizzling.
We only checked out a fraction of trails, we got a bit separated on our first climb but got to check out Full Nelson. That was a super flowy banked smooth dh run with myriad jumps. Basically a dh BMX track!
Eventually regrouped and repeated the heinous climb up the same trails but kept going even higher. This time we hit Angry Midget trail down, the other recommended run. This one was more technical and tight, but nothing compared to what we encountered earlier in the week on Khyber. Quite fun.
Some light drops of rain started, but it didn’t even get top of jerseys wet. Chuck was cool enough to drive the suburban to a lower parking spot and we found a couple more fun trails to take down.
As described, the Squamish trails are smoother. Less rocks and rocks that aren’t as square edged. I found the Whistler trails that were strewed with those sharp rocks would take a lot out of me even if the trail wasn’t that difficult.

We only scratched the surface of the trails in Squamish, but it is well worth the trip out. The trails are very well maintained, designed, and marked.

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