Lolo’s Home Improvement

I’m searching for a diamond tip drill bit to drill some holes in tile for work (which is a pia) and found some online at Lowes. They list 2 in stock. I get on the phone and after only two levels of phone robot get through to a live body, not bad.
“I would like to confirm that you have a part in stock.”
“Ok, what is the part number.”
I read of the number.
“I show 2 in stock. But that is as of last night, they may have sold.”
Yes, that’s why I’m calling, I wanted to know before I drive down there, I explain.
I get the same response.
F! If I knew I could of gotten them someplace else in time, I would have. Lucky for them their computer was correct, although one was on one peg at one end of shelf and the second was on another peg at the opposite end, both with correct cards.

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