Diamonds are my best friend

Ok, if you need to drill holes in ceramic tile, don’t mess around and just get the diamond tipped drill bits. Don’t even bother with a masonary bit. The carbide tipped arrowhead bits work, eventually, but how much is your time worth?
I had to drill four 5/16″ holes for a work installation. Started with masonary bits because we had them. Hours and dulled bits later, one hole not even a quarter of the way through.
Next day returned with carbide tip bit. Almost an hour later one hole finally through. The bit was still pretty sharp, but this was taking too long. Not to mention there was nothing solid behind the hole to screw into so I was going to have to drill again!
Finally, after searching around I found the diamond tipped bit. The 5/16″ came in a “kit” for feeding water. Basically a dribble cup. Neat idea, but I think everyone tries it once then throws it away. Anyway, less than 10 minutes later, the hole is through.
Now I know….

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