It Lives?

After ignoring the Celica All-Trac in the garage for months, I finally spent the day messing with it. My earlier cursory looks at it determined that the engine would spin and show compression, albeit reluctantly with a weak battery. I did not see the engine check light come on though so I was suspecting an electrical problem with the ECU. So today I took the dash apart. There was a bit of a mess from the stereo install, alarm install, engine fan switch, and turbo timer. Wait, what’s these dangling connectors? It wasn’t plugged in. I removed the turbo timer thingy and plugged the connector into its OEM connector. I then started taking measurements at the ECU. It was receiving power, odd. The check light was not working though. No continuity from the ECU to the fuse. I pulled the instrument cluster. WTF, there’s no bulb?! I swapped bulbs with a less important indicator. Now I get the check engine light and it’s throwing a code for the AFM. I decide to go for it and try to start it up. Not getting anything but the lights come on now. The starter is getting sluggish. I hook the battery charger back up and give it some juice. I come back later and give it a good crank. It actually makes some sputtering noises. I let the battery charge some more. This time the engine does actually catch for a second. I once again charge the battery and make sure fluids are topped up. Crank again and the engine runs for a little longer but still sputters out. I don’t know if its just from sitting so long, but I’m putting the battery on the charger again and will give it another go in a while. Not sure about the missing bulb, I’m pretty sure it was intentional, it’s not like it was burnt out. We shall see if it was as simple as that connector that was unplugged.

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