Bike riding?

So if anyone still visits this site, you must be wondering, are the guys doing anything aside from drinking beer? Yes, under the guise of bike riding, eating waffles and gelato! Honestly, we wanted to ride, but in our age we like to think we’ve gained some wisdom and will call off a ride if it rains. And yes, despite this picture, it was raining at Sunset Hills.

Anyway, the waffle was great and so was the gelato. Tip, if you order pancakes or the waffle and think you want some gelato for dessert, get the $1 upcharge scoop of gelato served on it. Otherwise you’ll end up paying $4, I guess $3 for the cup, spoon, and service?

Oh yes, it will induce sugar crash. It was reported that all three of us when we got home passed out and slept for a good part of the rest of the afternoon!

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