Imagine my surprise when earlier this week, jumped in car and started up to go to work and I was greeted with 50 Cent. WTF, did I accidentally hit the tune button? Um, 97.1 I think is correct. OK, I search around. Really strange. Switch to iPhone music. Later I try to search the Net, go to the KORL 97.1 website and it lists the songs they are playing, which is definitely not J-pop. I search for their sister K-Pop station and that is still going like normal. Sheesh, it seems KORL as a J-Pop station unceremoniously disappeared. When I check the website the next day, it now redirects you to the K-Pop website. Yet another Japanese FM radio station gone, it seems they only last a couple years.  I guess the Japanese population here is too many generations removed and does not have enough interest. Only the AM station remains. So sad. I actually picked up a few new songs and artists from listening to it.

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